The Branding Process

Based on industry best practices and my own experience, I have developed a process to guide each client successfully towards their desired future state. This three step process enables us to work together towards creating your ideal brand.

Step 1 | Brand Strategy

Everything starts with the right plan. I will partner with you to co-create a plan that helps you stand out from your competition, targets the right audience, clarifies your communication, unifies your organization, and helps you attract top talent.

Brand Strategy

Step 2 | Brand Identity

A Brand Identity includes your Visual Identity System and your Brand Personality. Designing a Visual Identity System is a comprehensive process that helps you communicate the essence of your brand across all Brand Touchpoints. I can work with you to design a new logo, your typography, your palette, your voice, your mission and vision, and bring them to life to create a compelling brand story.


Step 3 | Brand Touchpoints

After you have your Brand Strategy and Brand Identity in place, it's time to create the promotional tools you'll need to attract, engage, and retain more customers. I design a wide variety of collateral for print, digital, and video applications.

West Sound YFC | Promotional Collateral

à la carte Services

Is it possible to skip some of these steps and do a stand alone project? Yes, as long as you already have your Brand Strategy or Brand Identity System established. Contact me for more information.

Why Start With Brand Strategy?

The best brands always have an easier time attracting customers in a crowded marketplace. It's a battle between companies like Best Buy and "Joe's Electronics". In order to build a great brand, you need to have a great brand strategy. That's why branding agencies always start here.

The truth is, there are a LOT of things you can do to attract customers, but it takes experience, knowledge, and judgment to know where to start. Getting the right advice can help you save a lot of money. More importantly, it can set you on a path towards building a very successful business.

I can guide you through the process of enhancing your brand. This process involves developing a comprehensive action plan that will achieve your organization's objectives. A clear brand strategy touches all aspects of a business and speaks to customer needs, emotions, and your competitors. Your brand is WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHY you do it, and who you do it FOR.  It’s your promise to your customers.  It represents what customers expect your company to deliver.

Adam Smith Client Call

The Benefits of Brand Strategy:

  • Saves you enormous amounts of TIME by getting the answers you need now and avoiding mistakes.
  • Makes you more MONEY a lot faster by guiding you to the right priorities.
  • Provides a FRESH PERSPECTIVE on the challenges you're facing so you can discover the real issue.
  • Empowers you to put your ideas into ACTION by helping you clarify your thoughts.
  • Maximizes your PRODUCTIVITY by channeling your efforts in the right direction.

One of the things that stifles growth the most in a crowded marketplace is an unclear brand. To help you get more customers, I provide one-on-one consulting in the areas of branding, sales, marketing, management, leadership, and customer experience. Every situation is different, and I tailor my solutions to your individual problems. However, I follow the same 4-step process every time.

Brand Strategy Session Process

  1. We will discuss the current state of your business and your objectives.
  2. We will look at your activities and the results you’ve achieved.
  3. We will establish clear goals based on the opportunities we find.
  4. Lastly, I will provide you with actionable solutions to help you improve results.

What Happens Next?

After we have a clear strategy in place, it's time to begin designing your Brand Identity. Once your Brand Identity is established, we can produce the Brand Touchpoints you need to execute your strategy. On the next page, you'll see examples of what I've designed for my clients.