Logo Development

RE / MAX recently went through a brand identity update at the company level, and each RE / MAX office was tasked with creating a logo for their individual offices. The “RE / MAX” portion and balloon were provided by the corporate office. I simply needed to find the perfect way to add in their team name, “Town and Country”.

My primary goal was to provide the owner with a logo that would emphasize the brand values and not need to be changed for many years. I created four solutions to show my client, we narrowed it down to two, and this became the one that was chosen to represent the office. We nicknamed it the “signature” logo, because the logo hints at a pen signing on a line. I decided to stick with the same blue instead of bringing in a third color, because I felt it became too busy and complicated. I gave it an innovative and graphical feel to emphasize the company’s commitment to providing the best technology to their customers and agents.

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