Visual Identity System

The primary goals of the new logo design were to create a modern and progressive design that would communicate the current values of the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce and to attract future members.

I chose to use flying seagulls as the symbol that represents the mission to “Promote Business and Encourage Community.” Seagulls are resourceful, inquisitive and intelligent birds, demonstrating complex methods of communication and a highly developed social structure. They often work individually, but they live together in colonies. The other Chamber logos in the surrounding communities all have a nautical feel, but none of them use a seagull as their primary icon.

The color palette of varying blues was selected in order to connect to the water and sky and create a sense of movement and professionalism. The seagulls were created in an abstract way to minimize lines and help the design feel modern. The font I chose for “Port Orchard” was a serif font that helps establish our town as classy and traditional, and the serifs mirror the pointed wing of the seagulls. Further, the bold feel helps it stand out from the other Chamber logos when placed next to them. The sans-serif font chosen for “Chamber of Commerce” assists the design to feel more modern and complete.

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