Visual Identity System

A classmate of mine reached out to me to see if I would be willing to design a small visual identity system for her start-up. Sheryl Wilkins started a business where she creates tours for people from other countries who want to visit and learn English as they travel. She creates a very fun and educational setting where they learn in a variety of locations and then get to practice communicating as they go.

We decided on a traditional red, white, and blue U.S. palette without using stars or stripes. We used bold colors, rich images, and a combination of fonts to express the brand attributes. The geometric font reminds you of learning language at a young age in a classroom with the very simple and proper forms. The decorative font is there to reinforce that the customer will also have a lot of fun.

We came up with two versions of the logo. The simple logo is the main logo that we wanted to be easily scalable, while the more complex version is used as a collection of symbols reminding the customers of the events that took place on their trip. The goal was to be able to use these symbols individually as well. I included a brochure, business card, and starter WordPress site for her to help her market her services.

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